When Montreal's light-rail train line (REM) starts running this spring, a new bus network will be set up on Nuns' Island.

All STM buses running on Nuns' Island will soon pass through the REM station there.

The new network will get people on the island to the REM station within 13 minutes and will shorten trips to downtown, the STM announced Tuesday.

Line 12 will keep a connection to De L'Eglise metro station and extend to the end of Pointe-Sud, with a new stop added near the REM station. It will run seven days a week from 5:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The STM says other changes to the bus network will streamline trips on the island while maintaining the current connections to downtown and Verdun.

Buses will run at about the same frequency as before but with extended schedules and service to some areas that previously weren't part of the network, says the STM.

New route schedules will be available about one month before REM service begins.

The first phase of the light-rail network will get people moving from the Brossard terminus to central station.

It will eventually include 26 stations and span the greater Montreal area with 67 kilometres of tracks.

Last week, CDPQ-Infra, the company in charge of building the light-rail service, said there was still a lot of testing to do before it can welcome riders.

An exact opening date for the REM has yet to be announced.