MONTREAL—The English Montreal School Board will be Quebec’s first education network to put the Hall Monitor App to work and the board believes that the technology will allow administrators to get better acquainted with its 34,000 students spread over 79 educational facilities.

Thanks to the technology, administrators can now instantly access information about students on a tablet, from anywhere in the school.

It can then use the information to help students out with a wide variety of problems, including helping direct a student to a classroom.

“If at the beginning of the year a student is perhaps not familiar with their timetable and maybe lost or seeking out his classroom I can just quickly go to his schedule and direct them in the right direction,” said Westmount High School Principal Michael Cristofaro.

According to Cristofaro, the app is very practical.

“During our exercise drills, fire drills and lockdown, it's great, it's with you, it's there, you don't have to rush to get your papers and stuff, so it's paperless, and it’s quick,” said Anna Maria Borsellino of Carlyle Elementary.

With one touch a principal can see a student's photo, marks, schedule, contact information and absences. The latter is a chronic problem for some students. The principal of Hampstead School also combines the app with others.

“So with this I can see how many times a student was absent Monday, Tuesday or Friday. I can say to the parent, ‘What's going on Monday's. Is there a problem?’” said Steven Erdelyi of Hampstead School.