MONTREAL -- Saying the city is too slow to act in improving a major intersection where a pedestrian was killed this fall, NDG's borough administration is taking it upon itself to apply some new paint.

Annalisa Harris, the chief of staff for NDG borough mayor Sue Montgomery, said the borough will go ahead and paint new markings at the intersection of Decarie and De Maisonneuve streets, though it maintains a much bigger change is needed.

"There have been 20 serious accidents at this intersection in the last five years," Harris wrote in a news release.

"The borough is tired of waiting for the city to act. The borough is taking things into their own hands and improving the road markings in the intersection."

While the intersection is within the borough, it doesn't fall under the borough's jurisdiction -- the City of Montreal is responsible for major corridors, while the borough is responsible for smaller residential streets.

The corner, which has been flagged as especially dangerous for years, was the subject of a multi-year study that came up with several options for overhauling it, but the needed work will cost $8.8 million.

The borough expected that money in this year's budget but it disappeared,

"We are hopeful there will be funding in this year's budget," wrote Harris.

"Mayor Montgomery contends that what is needed is a complete overhaul of this dangerous intersection."

Harris clarified to CTV that the borough has permission from the city to make the paint changes, just no funding.

"The city is studying more comprehensive changes and we are hoping for funding to completely reconfigure the intersection in next month's budget," she said.