Montreal city councillor Jeremy Searle has admitted to CTV News that he has a drinking problem.

He also says he does not think it affects his work.

Searle, who is a councillor for the Loyola district NDG – Cote-des-Neiges borough, was ordered to leave council Tuesday over inappropriate comments he made recently.

On Monday afternoon, Mayor Denis Coderre exploded when Searle suggested the mayor might have a problem with his brain, and his comprehension of the French language. Searle asked the mayor about the Decarie Expressway, and Coderre responded by urging Searle to apologize for comments he made about sovereignists.

Earlier this month, Searle got into hot water when he compared separatists to emerald-ash borer, saying they should be eradicated.

He has since apologized.

Tuesday, Searle was asked point blank by reporters if he was drunk, and if he drinks before council meetings.

He denied it, but later, he told CTV Montreal reporter Stephane Giroux that he is taking measures to address his drinking problem.