Some MNAs staff members will receive extra compensation for helping citizens deal with the spring floods that damaged hundreds of homes across Quebec.

In a recent decision, the Office of the National Assembly compiled a list of 19 constituencies where staff are to receive additional overtime pay, due to the heavy workload caused by “the numerous demands of voters and other organizations.”

In total, $85,000 in overtime pay will be given out.

The staff of Liberal MNA Andre Fortin, who represents the riding of Pontiac in Outaouais, will get the largest amount with $14,800.

Liberal MNA Marc Carriere of the Chapleau riding will get $10,900 for his staff while employees who work for the MNAs in Fabre and Mirabel will get $9,200 and $9,000 respectively.

Other bonuses range from $1,000 to $5,800.