More than six months after he went missing, a search and rescue team have narrowed down the area of rural Peru where they will search for clues of what happened to Jesse Galganov.

Galganov disappeared while backpacking in a popular Peru mountain trail in September.

His mother, Alisa Clamen, hired the Israeli firm MAGNUS International Search & Rescue in November. Clamen said the team has done intense investigating alongside Peruvian police and military, including foot and drone searches.

“They have managed to track every movement that Jesse made, up to the point of last contact,” she said. “They know from every person he spoke to what his physical state was. Using that information, even though they’ve already spent over 60 days on that mountain and covered it with drones, they need to really focus on particular areas now.”

Clamen indicated she still believes there was a criminal element to her son’s disappearance, pointing to the lack of physical clues left behind.

On Wednesday, Clamen is scheduled to visit Peru for the third time since Galganov’s disappearance to oversee the new search efforts.