QUEBEC CITY -- Several people were injured Friday morning during a sudden stop of gondolas at the Mont-Sainte-Anne ski resort, near Quebec City.

Emergency services received a call around 10:15 a.m. for an incident in the area of ​​the ski lift. The passengers of the gondolas were violently shaken and some were injured.

The glass of at least one cabin was smashed and people reported hearing cries of the people who were inside the gondolas that were swaying, according to several witnesses.

In a media scrum, the director general of the ski resort, Maxime Cretin, said that the skiers were swung in all directions in the air. He said that people were transported to the hospital, without specifying the number and severity of their injuries.

Cretin explained that the people on the lift were evacuated after the gondolas were rolled back to the reception area on the ground.

"We know that there are people who were injured and who left by ambulance, who were triaged directly at the cable-car station, '' he said.

This report The Canadian Press was first published Feb. 21, 2020.