Police have arrested 10 people in connection with a number of alleged biker gang-related murders and attempted murders that span a 25-year period.

Operation Baladeur targeted 11 people in Quebec City, Donnacona, Warwick, Saint-Jerome, Trois Rivieres. One person was arrested in a federal prison in Quebec. 

The arrest warrants were for the following people:

  • Gallant's girlfriend Jacqueline Benoit (still being sought)
  • West End Gang leader Raymond Desfosses
  • Raymond Bouchard
  • Jean-Claude Gagne
  • Gerard Huber
  • Rejean-Claude Juneau
  • Rock Machine leader Frederic Faucher
  • Marcel Demers
  • Denis Corriveau
  • Denis Goudrealut
  • Gilles Dubois

Marc Butz, spokesperson for the SQ, says the crimes took place between 1978 and 2003, with the majority of the crimes taking place between 1994 and 2002.


The key player that got the ball rolling on the arrests is Gerald Gallant, a 58-year-old former hit man for the Rock Machine, the mafia, the West End Gang and other smaller gangs.

He was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a business man in Ste-Adele in 2001. He fled to Switzerland, and was arrested and repatriated to Quebec in 2006.

After his sentencing he started admitting to at least 26 murders in Quebec over the last 30 years.

He is a suspect in the murders of Bob Savard, a loan shark working for the biker gang the Hells Angels (the arch rivals of the Rock Machine); Paul Cotroni, a small-time gangster with a famous family name; and in the attempted assassination of Mom Boucher, the long-time head of the Hells Angels in Quebec, about 10 years ago.