Nurses are once again expressing their concern about what will happen to patients at the MUHC following the abrupt resignation of ten board members.

Denyse Joseph of the MUHC union of nursing and and cardio-respiratory professionals said there are concerns that patients will be affected by that move and the ongoing dispute between the MUHC and the Health Minister.

The head of the nurses union said she is worried that Health Minister Gaetan Barrette is going to cut the hospital's budget, following his repeated statements over the past few months.

"If the MUHC is still over budget like he's saying, well it means that he's going to tell them to just cut, and sometimes the cuts are not necessarily where they should be," said Joseph.

Several weeks ago the CAQ and the nurses union held a news conference saying patients and staff were suffering from government budget cuts.

On Monday ten board members resigned saying "it has become clear that Minister Barrette views the Board of Directors as a stumbling block preventing the MUHC from reaching its full potential in the health care network."

Barrette said on Monday, as he has said repeatedly, that he is not going to place the MUHC under trusteeship. He will, however, ensure that new board members are appointed.

On Tuesday the MUHC said it is currently operating under a balanced budget plan and will continue operating while waiting for new board members.

However Joseph said Premier Philippe Couillard should now be stepping in.

"He should call with the board members," said Joseph. "He should not even accept their resignation."

She added she expects the mismanagement of hospitals could become an election issue next year.

"What we have been going through, the people of this province with this government, I think we should look at where we put the 'X' at the next election."