MONTREAL - Now that moving season has arrived, those who plan to transfer their goods to a new home should be advised of a city parking permit requirement.

Those caught without a special permit face a piano-sized fine of up to $1,100.

Those leaving a truck in front of a parking meter are required to contact their borough and purchase a special permit that, all included, could cost anywhere from $75 to $350.

That cost includes the equivalent sum of an entire day's parking at the meter, regardless of how long the vehicle actually inhabits the spot.

People who hire a mover to do the job could be surprised when hit with the little-known fee as an add-on.

"Most people understand," said Darlene McKoewn of AMJ Campbell Movers. "You get some who think it's just an added cost to their move, but the reality is that if we can't park our trucks, we can't deliver."

Larger trucks – usually used for longer-distance moves – require a more expensive permit, she said.

To get full details of the permit requirements, residents are urged to contact their boroughs, which can be reached via 311.