Max Harrold

CTV News Montreal Assignment Editor/Videojournalist



Max Harrold is an assignment editor and reporter for CTV Montreal. The reporter part consists mostly of doing live news reports from the station in the evenings. The assignment role means developing stories worth covering and assigning them to reporters. Sometimes we have too many stories and too few reporters, sometimes not enough stories for the number of reporters that day.

I keep my eye out for stories on the horizon and hunt them down when needed. It’s all about keeping tabs on what’s happening in the city and region and how things could evolve in the next hours and days. I take messages and phone calls from our viewers and CJAD listeners and I often spend time with them on the phone. They can be a lively, opinionated and questioning bunch. I enjoy the interaction because it can make me laugh, shock or surprise me. I often learn something new and other times I meet someone with such a kind heart and it reminds me once again that we still live in an amazing city with lots of untold stories.

I very much enjoy working in the fast-paced newsroom environment with the rest of the team at CTV Montreal. After more than 10 years I think I’ve finally figured out a few things. I was a print journalist at the Montreal Gazette for several years before starting in 2012 as CTV Montreal’s Quebec City Bureau Chief. Crossing over from print to broadcast was mind-bending but worth it. I loved the Quebec City bureau job and after two-and-a-half years I was glad to come back to Montreal, my hometown with all of its lovely oddness. Prior to that, from 1990 to 2003 I lived in the U.S. after completing my Master’s Degree in Journalism at Columbia University. It’s no secret New York City and Los Angeles have their charms but trust me there’s a melancholy sweetness (with a generous helping of crazy) that is unique to Montreal and Quebec. I am happy I came back to the 'never-boring' news developments; it's home.

We all need a variety of strong and interesting sources for local news to stay well-informed.

I’m privileged to work with some local legends in journalism. And I’m proud to help them with their stories and to contribute to the show.

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