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Jed Kahane

News Director

Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec

Education: McGill University

Jed's interest in news dates back to elementary school. When growing up in Montreal he was an avid radio listener, glued to the AM dial listening to news and current affairs from home and around the world. Little did he know his childhood fascination would lead him to a career that's kept him (very) busy for more than 25 years. While studying Political Science at McGill in 1986, Jed got involved as a volunteer at Radio McGill, hosting news and talk shows and learning some basic reporting skills. He learned enough to land a first job as overnight News Editor at CKO Newsradio (the old CFOX), then moved on to the CBC in 1992 where he reported for Newswatch and the National. In 1997 he was hired by CTV National News and moved to Calgary as Alberta Bureau Chief, where he traveled across Western Canada and the United States and did a lot of great skiing. In 2000 Jed moved home to take the job of Montreal Bureau Chief. In August 2008 he was named Director, News and Public Affairs for CTV Montreal, where he is responsible for overseeing all of the station's news operations and top-rated local newscasts.

In 15 years of reporting Jed covered some of the biggest stories of the day: The 1995 Quebec referendum; countless provincial and federal elections; school shootings at Columbine, Taber, Virginia Tech and at his alma mater Dawson College; he travelled across the Gulf Coast for Hurricanes Ivan and Katrina; he was in London during the second Gulf War, the death of the Queen Mother, and the terrorist bombing in Glasgow; he covered the Olympics in Turin in 2006.

Jed is an award-winning journalist, having won the Canadian Association of Journalists Award for investigative reporting as well as the title of Best Correspondent at the New York Festival. He is delighted to be living in his hometown and putting his passion for journalism at the service of the community.