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Articles by Gabrielle Fahmy

Gabrielle Fahmy

CTV News Montreal Videojournalist



Gabrielle Fahmy joined CTV Montreal as a videojournalist in 2020.

A native Montrealer, she spent the past four years honing her skills in New Brunswick, covering some of the Maritimes’ biggest stories, before returning home. Before joining CTV Montreal, she worked for CBC for six years, and covered news out of Montreal, Ottawa, Fredericton, Halifax and London, U.K.

She shoots, writes and edits her own stories. She is a 2013 graduate of Concordia’s Graduate Journalism Diploma Program.

Gabrielle is passionate about covering politics, conflict, human rights and social justice.

She loves travelling and backpacking, and has visited every continent, but there are still many corners of the world she wants to discover.