MONTREAL -- Quebec schools are grappling with thousands of coronavirus cases with at least 3,554 active infections among students and staff, according to government data.

As of Wednesday afternoon, there were 269 active outbreaks associated with educational facilities, representing 22.5 per cent of active outbreaks across the province. Educational facilities are the second largest category for outbreak environments, behind workplaces, which represent 55 per cent. 

There are 2,933 students and 621 staff members with active COVID-19 infections, according to a report published by the province on April 28, which covers both students attending classes and learning from home.

A total of 836 variant coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the Quebec school system. Of those, 589 are in the public school system, and 247 were found in private schools.

Since classes resumed on Jan. 5, a total of 2,433 schools have reported at least one coronavirus case, or 81 per cent of the 2,994 schools in the Quebec system.

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In the first semester, 17,327 students and 4,038 staff members had contracted COVID-19 before schools closed for the holidays on Dec. 22.  

READ MORE ABOUT COVID-19 IN QUEBEC'S SCHOOLS: Quebec studying possibility of vaccinating 12 to 16-year-olds before next school year

Quebec is studying the possibility of vaccinating young people aged 12 to 16 before the start of the next school year.

The scenario was mentioned Wednesday by the province's public health director Dr. Horacio Arruda.

"Do we have a vaccination plan for young people?" asked Marie Montpetit, health critic for the Quebec Liberal Party. "Can we assume that the 350,000 high school students will be vaccinated two or three weeks before school starts? Could we take up the challenge, if science permits?"

Arruda replied that he is following the vaccine certification process very closely, particularly Pfizer's.

Quebec schools without air purifiers have 3 to 4 times more COVID-19 cases, says dad running citizen count

Since January, most English public schools in the Montreal area have had air purifiers, air exchangers or some other form of extra air-quality device if they don't have built-in mechanical ventilation.

French public schools in the same types of buildings have not had air purifiers.

The provincial government continues to say that air purifiers aren't necessary or proven to work, but the citizen paying the closest attention to the numbers says that based on his data so far, it seems they do.

Teenager who completed his secondary education from a hospital room to receive Quebec's Medal of the National Assembly

Loic Bydal is 17 years old and just graduated from high school, a feat that is set to be rewarded by the Quebec government, as his diploma came despite significant health setbacks.

Bydal's unique academic journey is one never achieved before in Quebec, as he completed his primary and secondary education from his room on the eighth floor of the Montreal Children's Hospital.

"It feels great," he told CTV News via Zoom. "I'm really grateful to be able to do that."

-- With files from The Canadian Press and CTV News reporters Amy Luft, Daniel J. Rowe, and Adam Kovac.