A day before International Women’s Day, the Quebec government announced new funding to help victims of conjugal and sexual violence.

The $13 million had initially been announced in mid-December, though no specifics on spending had been given at that time. That announcement had followed a forum on sexual violence and harassment following the rise of the #MeToo movement.

On Wednesday, Minister for the Status of Women Helen David said the money will primarily be given to the Centres for Assistance and Combating Sexual Assault and other such facilities.

An additional $6.4 million will go to transition houses and shelters for victims of conjugal violence, particularly those who deal with immigrant clients who might not speak French of English.

Federation of Women’s Shelters President Sylvie Bourque said that while the funding is a good start, with over 100 shelters, it’s not enough. The organization had asked for $48 million in new funding.

“It’s a good beginning, we know the good will of David and (Public Health Minister Lucie Charlebois) that we’ve met a couple of times,” said Bourque. “They understand the needs but for our part, it’s important. We say to the victims, ask for the services and go and press charges but we have to help with the demands.”

Last year, the federation received 9,000 requests for shelter from victims of domestic violence.