MONTREAL -- A Montreal cafe was the site of a gardening nightmare early Monday morning after a passerby took issue with the flowers out front.

An unidentified woman seemed to disagree with the floral arrangement outside local coffeeshop Café Myriade on Mont-Royal Avenue.

Security footage was captured at 3:45 a.m., according to the cafe, which posted the video to social media. It shows the woman uprooting several flowers from an outdoor planter.

One-by-one, the woman hurled plants from the pot over her shoulder onto the ground behind her.

The coffeeshop confirmed the planter contained daisies, impatiens, mint and other varieties.

“We’ve replanted the ones which were ripped out and hope they survive,” a spokesperson told CTV News.

The flowers were planted in May, according to the cafe. If they don’t survive, there are already plans for a new variety to take their place.

“Something with thorns, maybe rose bushes,” they said.