A Montreal woman is turning to the courts for compensation from the STM and hopes all public transit users can benefit.

Her lawyer, Michael Simkin, has filed a request to launch a class action lawsuit against the STM for breakdowns over the last three years.

Simkin alleges the STM's metro service is unreliable and can be costly for users, which is why they feel the plaintiff deserves compensation.

“They have apologized in the past, they’re on the record for apologizing for periods where they’ve had repeated interruptions of service at a much higher frequency than usual but they’ve never offered to compensate passengers,” he said.

His client is seeking compensation for two taxi rides into town after breakdowns on the metro’s orange line, one in November 2016, and the second breakdown in February.

Those cost her $35 each.

She also wants the STM to reimburse her 15 percent of the cost of her monthly pass because of repeated delays dating to 2015.

"It's just a common situaiton that's affecting many, many Montrealers," said Simkin.

He said Laval's transit system does offer compensation when buses run late, including free tickets.

"At least it's clear when you get into a bus in Laval what's going to happen and what you have a right to," said Simkin.

The STL's spokesperson said it's not fair to compare buses to the metro -- citing the example of the TTC, which does not offer a refund for delays.

The STM said it does not have a compensation policy in part because it offers a shuttle service if the metro system has to stop for a significant period of time.