Hundreds of meat, milk, and cheese-averse folks headed to Montreal's Palais des Congres for the ninth annual vegan festival as a growing number of Canadians are cutting back on meat.

The climate crisis and the cost of meat have prompted many to swap salmon for... carrots?

"It's good. It really takes like smoked salmon, but it's carrots right?" said one attendee at the fest.

One such company at the festival is Montreal business By 2048.

"Our name was inspired by a study that predicted if we don't change our consumption habits, the oceans can run out of fish by the year 2048," said owner Arthur Schiller.

With the rising cost of groceries, cookbook author Caroline Huard said cutting back on meat and dairy isn't only good for the environment; it's also good for the wallet.

"A lot of people and institutions are actually switching to plant-based options, like daycares and schools and other facilities because they can cut on costs. Beans and legumes are much less expensive," she said. 

The festival runs through Sunday in Montreal.