MONTREAL -- A Montreal business owner is offering people a tasty option if they're looking to support the local economy and some good causes.

Laurence Isaac, owner of hot sauce company Sinai Gourmet, said his business, like many others, took a hard hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. But he saw an opportunity to do some business and some good in the subscription box trend.

“Subscription boxes are obviously hugely popular, so I sort of thought... the local economy needs help,” he said.

Along with Maureen Cohen, a fellow business owner who runs Grandma's Gourmet, Isaac put together the Buy Local Box, which includes products and services from over a dozen Montreal-based small companies.

“The rule was, it had to be a Montreal product,” he said. “We wanted small businesses, we didn't want to go after the big guys.”

Each box retails for $100, at least half of which will be donated to Dans La Rue.

“We definitely have the extra time now, so why not contribute in a positive way?” said Cohen.

While the pair initially set out to sell 50 boxes, they've already surpassed that number.

“Every day we've been scrambling, running around, picking up and assembling boxes,” said Cohen.

Now, they've set their sights higher, hoping to sell 150 boxes, which would mean $8,000 for Dans La Rue, which works with homeless youth.

“Yes, it's a little more expensive, but I'd definitely rather give money to my neighbour than somebody I don't know,” said Isaac. “We're all neighbours in this city.”