MONTREAL -- Dogs and cats aren’t the only animals the Montreal SPCA has up for adoption.

On Wednesday, the shelter announced it is actively searching for homes for 43 domestic rats.

In a post on its Facebook page, the SPCA said the critters were abandoned in two boxes outside of their doors last week.

"We are actively seeking adoptive families for these intelligent and sociable critters," the shelter said.

The male rats are currently ready to be adopted but the females, who may be pregnant, will need to be placed in foster families for the time being.

For those who -- for whatever reason -- aren't into rats, but are looking to care for a pet, the shelter is also trying to find foster families for about fifteen stray kittens with ringworm.  

"We absolutely must place these 7-week-old kittens in foster families for their entire treatment, a period of at least 6 to 8 weeks," the shelter said in a post on its Facebook page on Wednesday night.

The SPCA hopes to have the kittens fostered in groups of two to three to make sure they are socialized from a young age, but they will have to be kept away from other house pets to prevent the spread of ringworm. 

Those who choose to foster the kittens will need to sponge bathe them twice a week, give them medication daily, and bring samples of their fur to the SPCA every week. The shelter will provide food, medication and bedding. 

Anyone who would like to foster a kitten is being asked to email with “KITTEN EMERGENCY” as a subject line. Those who are looking to adopt a rat -- or any other shelter animal -- are being asked to fill in this form