MONTREAL -- Take note: you may need to move your car!

The City of Montreal announced that the start of major snow removal operations is scheduled for Sunday at 7 p.m.

Around 20 centimetres of snow has fallen since Thursday with much of it landing on the region between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

"In order to ensure safe movement, clearing operations are already very advanced on a large part of the network. The loading operations will begin gradually from this evening," said Jean Francois Parenteau, the city's representative responsible for citizens' services.

The City of Montreal's snow removal page on its website includes tips, maps and a progress report on the removal.

There is also a "find my car" link for finding a vehicle that has been frustratingly removed for plowing and loading operations.

The city reminds residents to watch for signage installed during the day, and that signage installed during snow loading operations supersede any street signage.