It looks like the city of Montreal is going to make its midnight deadline to remove all of last week's snow.

By mid-afternoon, the downtown core was almost clean and the city's snow removal website showed just over 90 per cent of streets were cleared

Anjou is the only borough 100 per cent clean, but others, such as Mercier-Hochelaga Maisonneuve (99 per cent), Outremont (98 per cent) and Rosemont-La Petite Patrie (97 per cent) are close. Pierrfeonds-Roxboro is lagging behind at 67 per cent complete.

In Verdun, there’s a unique situation that is confusing some residents.

The borough has a dynamic sign system, a holdover from when Verdun was its own city. There’s a combination of permanent no parking hours and a telephone number to ensure the restrictions are in effect.

Mayor Jean-Francois Parenteau says the system allows for more flexibility than other boroughs, so people can park on both sides of the street year-round if there's nothing to clean.

“If we don’t have any operation you can let the car on the street at the same place you don't need to move your car for nothing,” he said.

Blue collars also had to take their mandatory 36-hour break over New Year’s Day so snow removal was a day behind schedule in many boroughs.

While some believe the borough’s flex system needs a bit of fine-tuning, it appears the city's Info-Neige app may also need some fine-tuning too.

Tuesday afternoon, the app showed 4th Ave. In Verdun was already cleared, but crews were still in the process of clearing the street