Montreal police are looking for a 19-year-old man who they allege has committed multiple frauds worth more than $15,000.

Police say Patrick Pascone, 19, has a very specific modus operandi: First, he finds a car listed for sale online. He then contacts the seller asking them to come to Lachine so that they can complete the sale. Upon the arrival of the seller, Pascone inspects the vehicle and pays for the car by cheque.

Police say Pascone then quickly re-sells the car. The seller later receives notification from their bank that the cheque Pascone used to pay for a vehicle has been refused.

Pascone has brown hair and eyes. He stands five feet nine inches tall and weighs 150 pounds. He has the name Isabelle tattooed on the left side of his neck and the name Pascone on his left forearm. He has the word 'money' tattooed on his right hand and the words 'life goes on' tattooed on his left hand.

Police are asking anyone with information on Pascone to call Info-Crime at 514-393-1133. Information can be left anonymously and in confidence.