A piece of art in Montreal North is causing some debate over its $1.1 million price tag.

The sculpture, a large structure that resembles a ferris wheel, is supposed to be an homage to mass transit.

Resident Jean Villeneuve is a fan of the giant wheel found on Pie IX Blvd. and Henri-Bourassa. 

“In Montreal now, we need something to attract people to tell everybody in Montreal that it's a very nice place to live,” he said.

Plenty of others don't see the same beauty.

“It's ridiculous,” said one resident. “It's nothing but a wheel.”

Quebec artists BGL Firm designed and built it, calling it their fun way to look at mass transit.

“The money should have been spent on our kids,” said another resident.

“They should have used the money to fix the roads,” said yet another.

It was approved in 2013 by then interim Montreal mayor Laurent Blanchard.

Montreal North city councillors believe it's money well spent.

“It's a signature for Montreal,” said councillor Chantal Rossi, who said some people may only see the price, but the art enhances the borough.

“When a new oeuvre d'art is coming in a place it's always controversial, but after all it will an identity for the people of Montreal North,” she said.

There are still some final touches to put on the sculpture, which will be completed by September.