MONTREAL -- Montrealer Simon Brind'Amour is on trial this week after being charged with killing his girlfriend in the Park Extension neighbourhood two years ago, though her body was never found.

Crown prosecutors said in court Wednesday that Brind'Amour and girlfriend Josiane Arguin had a rollercoaster relationship with drugs and money at the centre of multiple domestic disputes.

Brind'Amour called the Montreal police (SPVM) Sept. 15, 2018, to report his girlfriend missing sparking weeks of searching, in which he took part.

A few weeks later, the SPVM searched the couple's Danvers St. home in Park Extension along with the K-9 unit and crime scene investigators to collect DNA samples.

Prosecutors argued that Brind'Amour told an ex-girlfriend that he actually killed Arguin, and she called the police.

He was arrested in November 2018, was interrogated for seven hours, and allegedly told investigators that he killed Arguin with a pool cue two weeks before reporting her missing.

Prosecutors said he hid the body in a hockey bag and threw the bag in a garbage dumpster.

Arguin's body was never found.

Despite the confession, Brind'Amour pleaded not guilty at the opening of his trial, where he faces charges of non-premediated murder and causing an indignity to a human body.

The jury will hear evidence during the trial in the coming weeks, including the lengthy police interrogation recording.