MONTREAL -- Liberal MP Anthony Housefather rose in the House of Commons Thursday before question period and gave parliament a comedic reboot of a holiday tradition that some thought may not reappear.

The member for Mount Royal in Montreal got a huge laugh when he began his parody of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, a recitation former Nova Scotia MP Rodger Cuzner had given each year taking all-in-fun jabs at political rivals before the house adjourned.

"Twas the last sitting week before Christmas, and who knew that Cuzner's Christmas poem tradition would be assumed by a Jew?" Housefather began getting a round of applause and laughter.

He decided to give the opposition Conservatives a break it seems after the announcement that their leader Andrew Scheer will step down.

"For our Conservative colleagues, I know today has been a shock. In the spirit of the holidays, I'll go straight to the Bloc," he said.

Housefather's line for Bloc leader Yves-Francois Blanchet took a cheeky shot at the province's controversial Bill-21 and its ban on religious garb, which Blanchet supports.

“The Bloc leader, flush with success… for Mr. Claus, he had but one request,” he said. “When flying over Quebec, please remove that red suit. It’s a religious symbol, and ugly to boot.”

He took a jab at his party leader as well suggesting "no more hot mics and a new Star Wars sequel" was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's desired Christmas gift.

“So I wish all members some holiday cheer. Enjoy your family and friends, and maybe some beer,” Housefather said. “And when we come back in January, let’s see the light. Let’s work together for Canadians and let’s get it right.”