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Montreal mayoral candidates field questions from young voters


The four candidates running to become mayor of Montreal took part in a cordial debate Wednesday night in an effort to engage young voters.

Some of the topics discussed include housing, climate change and numerous social issues.

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante took the time to discuss her team's track record on public transit, urban mobility and pledged to cut down on waste and create benchmarks for future governments to follow.

Meanwhile, former mayor Denis Coderre reminded viewers of his long experience in politics, noting during his municipal mandate, he worked hard to have Montreal recognized on the global stage.

Candidate Balarama Holness questioned both Plante and Coderre on their "broken promises" in government, pointing out specifically that certain mandates, such as social housing, were not fulfilled.

At the same time, Marc-Antoine Desjardins touted his party's platform, including a proposed bike credit voucher of $500, as well as the potential to have a network of urban greenhouses to provide local produce for Montrealers and the restaurant industry.

A recent poll commissioned by the mayor's party, Projet Montréal, shows Plante is gaining ground with voters, but still trails behind Coderre.

The debate was hosted by the Institut du Nouveau Monde, in partnership with Le Devoir, and featured questions from young voters.

The Montreal municipal election is slated to take place on Nov. 7.

WATCH the full debate below: Top Stories

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