MONTREAL -- Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante wants you to slide into her texts.

On Wednesday, the mayor, who is up for re-election this fall, tweeted that she now has a new number that constituents can reach her at via text.

“You can now reach me by text! Send me a message,” she wrote.

The new phone number is 514-700-7337.

Plante did not specify whether she, or a member of her team, would reply to the texts.

However, many seem perplexed by the new communications strategy.

“Madame Plante, are you sure this is a good idea?” wrote one.

“Was your Twitter account hacked, Mrs. Plante? Weird idea if not,” wrote another.

Plante's team was quick to defend the launch of the new number. Spokesperson Youssef Amane told La Presse that the texts will will be used to have “a real conversation with Montrealers” and that the purpose is for residents to “make proposals” and “send ideas.”

Amane also responded to concerned citizens who believe the number will be used to collect phone numbers ahead of the election for mass texting and phone call campaigns.

“It's on a voluntary basis. We aren't buying lists of cell phone numbers. If people aren't happy, they can just block the number,” Amane told La Presse, adding the Plante campaign would not “start bombarding the world with messages.”