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Montreal hot sauce makes spicy new addition to YouTube show 'Hot Ones'

Bottle after bottle of Curry Verde made its way down the La Pimenterie production line Thursday morning as workers filled the largest order for the green hot sauce ever placed.

Just how much is being made?

La Pimenterie founder Julien Frechette says that’s top secret -- but it's "a lot."

His client is big and constantly goes viral on the 'First We Feast' YouTube channel, which boasts more than 12 million subscribers.

After years of sending free samples, La Pimenterie finally caught its big break on 'Hot Ones,' a hugely popular YouTube show currently in its 21st season.

Host Sean Evans asks celebrity guests questions while they eat chicken wings with hot sauce that get progressively spicier.

"We just got the lucky email a couple months ago saying 'Hey Julien we wanna talk about this curry verde sauce,'" Frechette recalled.

The Thai-style green hot sauce is the second on the scale from mild to strongest.

So far, it's been an easy warm-up sauce for guests celebs Julia Louis Dreyfus and Jason Sudeikis.

"Every week, we're extremely excited to see who's gonna be on the show, who will taste our hot sauce that we did here. So it's almost a dream," Frechette told CTV News.

While 'Hot Ones' has the exclusive rights to sell the Montreal-made sauce, La Pimenterie's founder says the show has kicked things up a notch for the company.

"I can compare it to like the Grammy or Emmy of hot sauce in terms of what it gives for recognition," Frechette said.

Frechette founded the company in 2016. He said the market at the time was missing hot sauce that balanced heat with flavour.

"I like to think of hot sauce as wine. So basically, you know you have pairing with wine -- there's pairing for hot sauce," he explained.

La Pimenterie tries to source most of its peppers locally and is constantly experimenting to develop new flavours.

Frechette hopes Curry Verde's success on this season of 'Hot Ones' heats up and leads fans on a flavour journey to find the La Pimenterie sauce suited for their own palate. Top Stories


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