In was their first taste of superstardom, Montreal's Children of Light choir sang alongside Roger Waters Tuesday night at the Bell Centre.

With only two weeks' notice the choir learned the words to every song in Pink Floyd's The Wall.

The singers were thrilled with their chance to be on stage in front of a crowd of thousands.

"I'm going to be singing at the Bell Centre, and next month, Justin Bieber is going to be performing there, so same stage, that is so cool!" said Thaydra Gray.

"I'm like, nervous. Because we're going to sing at the bell centre with Pink Floyd," said Katara Dopwell.

If the choir does well, there is a chance they could be asked to go on tour with Waters, according to choir director Rev. Darryl Gray.

"The person that came last night said, listen, if you really do this perfect, Mr. Waters might want to take you somewhere," said Rev. Gray.

The choir performs again Wednesday night before the tour moves to Columbus, Ohio.