Two branches of the Montreal Children's Library are going to close this year unless the privately-funded institution can find a long-term funding solution.

The library moved its Vega location to Pierce St. at Ste. Catherine St. last year, and that branch is due to close in ten days.

The Antares branch, located inside the Tyndale St. Georges Community Centre, will likely be able to stay open until December.

That will leave the library with just one functioning location remaining, the Polaris branch in the René Goupil Recreational Centre in St. Michel.

Library Director Helen Kyne said the organization gets about one-third of its funding from the city of the Montreal, but relies on donations for the rest of its operating costs.

She said the library is not looking for a flood of donations that will disappear in a few months.

"We would need people to also contribute on a regular basis. We wouldn't have to have just enough money for one year. We really need something that's sustainable, so we really need someone, and people, to contribute on a sustainable basis in order to continue the way it is," said Kyne.

Each branch requires about $70,000 per year to operate.

Despite closing two branches, the Children's Library will be able to maintain its Mother Goose program, which hosts events throughout Montreal and its suburbs for children up to three years old.

The libraries have a large selection of books in English and French, and cater to children in both languages.

Liz Falco of the Tyndale St. Georges Centre said it would be a shame if the branch in Little Burgundy has to close, because many children in the area are bussed to school elsewhere.

"That loss would impact our programming and the community incredibly," said Falco.

"One of our mandates and missions is to help students graduate from high school. It starts in the library. We've had a great success rate in the past year with 15 graduates all going to the CEGEP of their choice, and one going to a trade school."

The closest city of Montreal libraries are the Georges Vanier and the St. Henri libraries, located on Workman St. at Vinet, and on Notre Dame St. at De Courcelle St.