MONTREAL -- Habs fans, it seems, have had enough. 

"They get upset. They boo the power play. They boo poor play. They boo when the team gives up a quick goal after they score," said TSN's John Lu, who covers the team daily. 

At practice on Friday, after the Canadiens lost their eighth straight, this time to Edmonton, fans shared opinions on how to turn the team around. 

Fan morale, however, has not yet hit rock bottom, Lu said. 

A few years ago, when Carey Price was injured, fans didn't even bother to express their displeasure.

"Fans had even stopped booing -- they had basically reached the point of apathy which is worse than angry fans because angry fans are at least still caring about their team," Lu said. 

The team's situation has gotten so dire; even Premier Francois Legault has weighed in, suggesting Price and Shea Weber be traded.