In the summer, a section of the St. Lawrence river in Montreal is a popular spot for surfers and kayakers.

In the coldest days of winter, it's almost deserted -- except for brave body surfer Carlos Hebért-Plante.

"I have two pairs of gloves, two pairs of socks, clothing lying under this wetsuit," Hebért-Plante told CTV News while catching some waves on Sunday.

Carlos Hebert Plante

Hebért-Plante, 45, has been body surfing in the St. Lawrence for 15 years. He does it year round, but prefers the winter.

"You can enjoy what the winter brings. There's less people, also," he said.

Carlos Hebert Plante

Hebért-Plante even went for a dip during the recent cold snap that saw wind chill temperatures in the upper forties.

It's not something he recommends for beginners.

"Come start in the summer. But if they get the skills, then maybe they can prepare for the winter."

Carlos Hebert Plante