Co-workers on the South Shore spent the weekend celebrating after they won Friday night’s Lotto Max jackpot.

Charlene Williams of Kahnawake, and Henri Beauchamps of Chateauguay won $26.6 million.

They picked up their cheques at the Lotto Quebec offices on Monday.

“I went to verify it just once – the draw was around 12:30 in the morning – and when I verified it, and saw that the numbers matched, I couldn’t believe it,” Beauchamps explained. “When I saw it, I said ‘it’s impossible, it must be a dream.’”

At this point, the co-workers say they don’t have plans to leave their jobs or make any big purchases, but both are planning vacations.

“It’s like unbelievable right now, I’m still trying to let it all absorb,” Williams said.