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Montreal airport authority warns passengers about illegal taxi drivers


Illegal taxi drivers are posing a safety risk for passengers at Montreal-Trudeau International Airport, says the city's airport authority (ADM).

ADM says drivers without permits to operate at the airport are soliciting customers in the terminal, offering them a ride for a fee.

Close to 400 incidents relating to illegal transportation have been recorded since January, says ADM.

Francois Milette says he had an unsettling experience in December when a driver became aggressive and demanded more money.

"We paid what we were expecting to pay, but it was not a nice drive," he said.

The problem is also a concern for permitted taxi drivers.

"It's very hard, very hard for us. Every time we fight with them," says taxi driver Mongi Kahlaoui.

The president of Taxi Champlain blames the issue on the deregulation of the taxi industry in 2019.

"For about five or six years, I've been saying we will become the Wild West, and we have become the Wild West," says George Boussios.

The Montreal Taxi Bureau, which monitored the industry, no longer exists, and the airport can only give citations for illegally parked or unattended cars.

Taxis are now under the jurisdiction of Controle routier Quebec.

ADM says it's asking the government to make solicitation illegal again and make sure taxis with permits are the only ones picking up passengers.

Airport officials are running an awareness campaign to make sure passengers take the necessary precautions to start their trip safely,

The Transport Ministry did not reply to CTV's interview request by deadline. Top Stories

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