MONTREAL -- A Montreal action man has been turning heads and raising eyebrows with thrill-seeker Instagram videos that have started to gain traction.

Yaya (who uses the Instagram handle @parkourporpoise) did not want to use his real name, but spoke to CTV News about videos that include riding down Peel St. behind a skateboard-mounted desk, doing a belly flop off the Old Port and recreating the Mario Kart video game series by driving in traffic in a miniature Austin Mini Cooper while decked out as the beloved plumber. 

Yaya shoots the videos as quickly and efficiently as possible, as he "doesn't want to interrupt too many people's days."

"I try to get as many takes as I can possibly do," he said. "For example, bringing a desk into the street with a laptop and a bowl of cereal is not your going outside backpack kind of stuff."

All videos, he said, require extensive prep time, and they are never done on the fly.

"We take a lot of prep, and do a lot of thinking about it before," he said."We try to make things as safe as possible and one thing I really don't want is for people to try doing what I'm doing."

Yaya said that he has been doing stunts his entire life and prepares before he does anything.

"It's not like I just go out there and do it. It's not just like, 'Let's go belly flop off the Old Port.' I highly suggest nobody belly flop off the Old Port because that's high," he said. 

For the belly flop video, for example, Yaya practiced death diving for an entire summer before performing the stunt.

"This stuff is dangerous," he said. "It's not just these one takes. It's preparation to be able to perform these videos."

When asked about getting in trouble from the police, Yaya had no comment. 

His goal is simple: to entertain and make people happy. 

"I just want people to laugh," said Yaya. "I just want to make videos that people will be able to relate to and find funny. Get people out of their little bubble."

Hearing that his videos makes someone happy, is all that he wants particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"I'm feeling it. It's hard. If I can bring a little bit of happiness and good feeling to somebody's day, then that's a good thing," he said.