MONTREAL -- Cracking a beer is always easier than making a fancy cocktail but a Quebec City business is making mixology more accessible for those desiring to imbibe something different.

Monsieur Cocktail founder Patrice Plante said he believes mixing a delicious cocktail should be easy.

“What was very important to me was to simplify and democratize this culture of drinks and mixology that we’re used to having in professional bars,” he said. “All this panache, all these beautiful libations should be back in our kitchens.”

The company sells more than 10 different box kits that come with everything you need to make your own aperitif.

“If there’s a special tool you need like a strainer, a muddler or something to stir your cocktails, it’s already in the box,” said Plante.

The company also provides their own life of syrups, made without artificial ingredients or preservatives.   

Each box also includes mixes from around the province.

“You will always have a bitter, maybe a soda, that comes from a local company” said Plante.

Options range from simple mixes like gin and tonics to Mai Tais. For those who don’t drink, there are also instructions to turn each cocktail into a mocktail.

“We make sure that whatever the box, whatever cocktail you choose, you’ll be able to make a mocktail with it,” said Plante.

The contents of each kit are eco-friendly, with accessories such as paper straws.

Boxes are sold on the company’s website. Each kit makes eight drinks and retails for around $35.