Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne spent Thursday in Quebec City, meeting with Premier Philippe Couillard and the leaders of the opposition parties.

While there, Wynne gave a speech at the National Assembly, the first premier from outside Quebec to address MNAs there.

She called it a symbolic moment, a historic moment, and an opportunity.

Wynne and Couillard are known to have a good working relationship; Couillard spoke at the Ontario Legislature in 2015.

At that time, an invitation was extended to Wynne and was supported by all parties and independent MNAs.

In her speech Thursday, Wynne highlighted the fact that the strong partnership between Ontario and Quebec has led to signing important agreements on trade, energy and climate change.

Couillard's speech to anglos

Couillard also gave a speech at the National Assembly, taking the opportunity to reach out to anglophones who've left Quebec for Ontario.

“Our government will be creating a secretariat for English-speaking Quebecers that will focus on strengthening the vitality of the community and a cabinet minister will also be appointed and given the responsibility of overseeing this secretariat. It is high time that English-speaking Quebecers feel truly at home.

"And to those English-speaking Quebecers living in Toronto or elsewhere in Canada, proudly wearing Montreal Canadiens jerseys on game nights, I say it’s time, if you want, to come home to Quebec. Let me just say that you are wantedand you will be warmly welcomed,” he said.