MONTREAL – Some voters in the Montreal-area were left frustrated Monday morning after several polling stations opened late.

These include one in downtown Montreal on Robert-Bourassa Boulevard, where voters say they were told doors would only open after 11 a.m. Voting was supposed to begin at 9:30 a.m.

One voter told CTV News that some of the people standing in line had to leave to go to work, while others simply turned around when they saw how many people were already waiting.

Other polling stations that reportedly opened late include those in the Town of Mont-Royal (TMR) and the Griffintown borough, in Montreal’s Sud-Ouest.

The delays were caused by “normal glitches” due do people “not showing up to work” at the polls, according to Elections Canada regional media relations director Pierre Pilon.

He added that this is something that happens during every election.

Pilon said he was aware of some complaints from voters, but insisted everything should be back on track now.