MONTREAL -- Vincent Guzzo believes the current offers for the Conservative Party leadership are disappointing and therefore intends to become a candidate by the end of March if there are no better options.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, the Quebec businessman said that he has already collected the 1,000 signatures required and that he will make a personal deposit of $25,000 to register as a candidate by Feb. 27.

But he will have to collect 2,000 more signatures and provide registration fees of $ 300,000 - including a non-refundable $ 200,000 - by March 25 in order to become an official candidate.

Guzzo admitted he's not impressed with the current list of party leadership candidates and that is why he intends to continue his reflection to determine if he is 'potentially the best candidate to do the job.'

If the current offer does not improve, he said, he is "90 per cent" ready to start the race for leader.

In his opinion, none of the candidates posted could beat Justin Trudeau's Liberals in the next election.

- This report by The Canadian Press was first published Feb. 12, 2020