MONTREAL -- Quebec Health Minister Christian Dube called a second straight day of over 180 new COVID-19 cases "alarming" and that the public needs to be more serious about listening to public health guidelines.

"This is an alert that we have to attentive to," he said in a news conference Friday. "This is not good news."

The cases, he added, are happening in the community for the most part and not in long-term care homes or hospitals.

He said, for example, that 14 of 17 people at a dinner party tested positive for the virus after flauting health measures and gathering in a group greater than 10.

"We have the power to change things and bring the number of cases down again," he said. "The fact is, it's very important to follow public health guidelines."

The government published a list of schools with at least one COVID-19 Friday. The comlete list is published below.

There are 47 schools of the 3,000 schools in the province that have reported at least one positive case.

"To see this limited number of cases means we've been successful," said Dube.

More detailed information will be available on the government's site next week.

Can parents do more?

Dube said the government needs to work with unions and administrations in the school network to find solutions at the school.

"We've seen people come forward with innovative solutions in the schools," said Dube.

Media reported that an alert system would be developed in the next few days. Dube said more information on a potential alert system will be announced during Tuesday's weekly news conference.