Services based out of the Ste-Anne’s Hospital are being expanded to include the homeless and young veterans.

The government announced Thursday that services offered at the hospital will be reorganized, offering three specialized clinics that treat PTSD and chronic pain among other ailments.

There's also a new partnership with the Old Brewery Mission to treat homeless veterans; more details on that pursuit will be revealed on Nov. 10.

The change is part of the transition that began in April 2016 when the federal government gave Quebec control of the century-old institution.

At that time, veterans living at the hospital – survivors of WWII and the Korean War – were joined by civilians in what is now a long-term care facility.

Now, a new Quebec Veterans’ Foundation will also offer services to veterans from all over Quebec as well as to their relatives and caregivers.

Although veterans remain a federal responsibility, the foundation is hoping the public will donate money to fund its programs for veterans.

There are currently 122,000 veterans who live in Quebec.