Rugby players in Chateauguay came to the rescue of one of their teammates after an ambulance got stuck in a muddy field.

On Wednesday afternoon, as players from Chateauguay Valley Regional High School faced opponents at Howard S. Billings High, one player was badly hurt making a tackle.

The 15 or 16-year-old girl injured her neck on the play and could not move afterwards, so an ambulance was called and the paramedics drove right up to the water-saturated playing field.

"I knew, because it was pretty muddy, that it wouldn't be able to take off," said Laura Ykema, who was watching her half-sister play.

Once the injured girl was placed in the back of the ambulance the vehicle was unable to move, its tires spinning in the mud.

"The girls didn't hesitate and they all ran over and pushed the ambulance, all 10,000 pounds of it or whatever, until it was moving," said Ykema, adding she was very proud of the partnership and spirit being demonstrated by the team.

The school's principal, Brigitte Barrette, told CTV News the ambulance showed up in three minutes and was called as a precautionary measure. The injured girl was back at school Thursday.