Normand Rinfret has been named the new permanent CEO of the McGill University Health Centre following a unanimous decision by its board of directors.

Rinfret has steered the MUHC for the past nine months, since former CEO Arthur Porter resigned amid allegations of questionable business dealings. Porter was also criticized by some members of the MUHC’s board for being too distracted by other business ventures to concentrate on the hospital.

Rinfret, who is set to fill the new role for the next four years, has worked with the MUHC since 1979, holding senior positions in human resources and planning

“It's good news, I hope,” said Rinfret of the announcement, “The human resources background gives me the human relations touch that is important in our kind of industry.”

Rinfret has been described as a hard worker who pays an attention to detail, a necessary character trait while Montreal General Hospital's operating rooms and intensive care unit undergo renovations.

“We've invested $160 million so far at the Montreal General Hospital, and there's still a lot more to do,” said Rinfret.

Meantime, the MUHC is also working on a massive project – building the new superhospital in the Glen Yards.

“We're on time and on budget at this time and we're two years away from construction completion, which is the fall of 2014,” he said.

Perhaps an even more pressing concern for Rinfret is that the MUHC may be facing a $10-million operational deficit at the end of the year, which Rinfret will be required to eliminate.

“We had an increase in our ERs, we had increase in our surgical environment and the population is getting older. At the same time, the government is reducing our budgetary envelope,” he explained.