A snow plow driver who lost his cool has now lost his job.

On Tuesday morning a snow plow driver in Repentigny became upset with how residents on about 30 streets had placed their recycling bins in the street.

So rather than drive around them, he went through them, knocking them over and spilling their contents across driveways and the road.

The driver took a video of himself plowing into bins and posted it to Snapchat, where it was shared to the Nouveau Spotted Repentigny Facebook page.

Officials with the city of Repentigny saw the video and immediately contacted their snow plow contractor and asked that the employee no longer work on their territory.

The company, Excavation Majeau, immediately fired the driver. It will also pay to replace the damaged recycling bins.

Meanwhile the city of Repentigny is reminding residents that recycling and garbage bins should not be placed in the street -- they should remain on driveways or on lawns.