On Thursday, Quebec  Solidaire started its campaign in its more fertile ground – east Montreal.  

Party co-spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois was in Rosemont with Vincent Marissal, a former La Presse reporter running under the Quebec Solidaire banner.

Marissal is trying to pry the seat from Jean-Francois Lisee, the leader of the PQ.

Earlier in the day, Nadeau-Dubois was in the riding of Laurier-Dorion with fellow co-spokesperson Manon Masse.

It’s the riding vacated by former Liberal MNA Gerry Sklavounos, who resigned from caucus following sexual misconduct allegations.

Masse and Nadeau-Dubois said that the environment and climate change are at the top of their agenda.

They also promised free education for Quebecers, and an increase to the minimum wage.

Quebec Solidaire is the youngest of the political parties in this election, with the average candidate being 41 years old.

53 percent of its candidates are female, and 10 percent are visible minorities, both the highest among the parties.