Xavier Dolan confirmed on Friday that he wants to stop making films, while assuring certain people who had "kindly reached out" inquiring about him that he is in good health.

Wanting to "clarify some thoughts" following comments reported in Spanish media, Dolan said that he "wanted to stop making films" and that he is "at peace with this decision."

"Some people have told me that it is 'only a pause, or a break'... But my current state of mind and our current world do not inspire me to pursue what once was an inevitable vocation," he wrote in a lengthy post on his Instagram account, also relayed by the Goodwin agency, which represents the artist.

He added, however, that he is "currently involved in television projects, and I intend on keeping my word should they be given a go."

"Otherwise, I think this is it. I want to dedicate time to my health, my friends and my family. I also have other passions, other things I'd love to commit to," said the director of I Killed My Mother and Mommy.

Dolan maintained that he will always be there to encourage artists and filmmakers, but that, for his part, he no longer wishes to make films, because "they do not make me happy anymore."

"But they have. And so have you."

To sum up, he added, "I might direct series. I do not wish to direct films anymore. The world is not in a good place ... And I want to help as much as I can. I have, silently, been doing that. But I want to be more vocal about it. My projects, now, are elsewhere, I believe."

This report by The Canadian Press was first published in French on July 7, 2023.