Quebec City municipal employees are helping out in flood zones across the province.

About 90 people volunteered to travel to areas damaged by floods to help victims.

They're being paid by the city, and while they're expected to put in long hours, they won't be charging overtime.

The four municipal unions representing blue and white collar workers have agreed to make an exception to their collective agreements for the employees to work overtime hours at their regular salary.

It's part of the financial contribution Quebec City is making to help the flood relief efforts, having already donated $100,000 to the Red Cross.

"I know the people of Quebec they agree with the fact that we are going to help some other municipalities, but they don't want to pay more for that. There's going to be a cost for the city, but it's going to be a fair cost I would say," said Mayor Regis Labeaume.

It's not the first time that unionized workers from Quebec City have helped flood victims.

"We went to Saint-Paul-de-l'Ile-Aux-Noix some years ago. It's tough," said Labeaume.

If more help is needed, the provincial Public Security Ministry will ask.

"We're waiting for the call. They're going to tell us where to go, because they know what their needs are going to be, and we're going to answer their call," said Labeaume.