Laval des Rapides is a riding pundits are watching.

It’s considered the downtown of the island of Laval, and its residents have quite a knack for knowing which party is going to win the election.

It’s a belleweather riding – it swings – and has for the last ten general elections.

In 37 years, its residents have always elected the candidate from the party that won the election.

While the riding has always swung between the Liberals and the PQ, pundits say this race is now between the Liberals and CAQ.

Candidates were out campaigning in the riding today.

Liberal Candidate Saul Polo has been the MNA for Laval des Rapides for four years, and says he’s worried that people want change.

“We feel it on the ground – that people have questions about the Quebec Liberal Party, but they also acknowledge there’s been major reform, major changes within the party,” Polo said.

CAQ candidate Christine Mitton says she feels things are shifting.

“I’ve done a lot of door-to-door and the people want a change,” she said.

Both candidates talked about better education and healthcare.

The island’s three metro stations are in Laval des Rapides, and the population is growing – mostly with immigrants.

“It’s a riding of averages – same thing for average revenue, medium revenue, median age – all this demographic data indicates Laval des Rapides is the perfect swing riding,” said polling analyst Philippe J. Fournier.

Pundits say history may not repeat itself in this election, that Laval des Rapides might not elect a candidate from the winning party.