The mayor of Montreal laid out her wish list for the federal leaders Monday, and she's put the focus squarely on the environment.

Mayor Valerie Plante is also asking for more investment in green infrastructure as well as financial support for social housing.

"I got elected on a very strong platform connected to the environment, housing and mobility, so all the leaders should be aware of that," said Plante, offering some advice to federal leaders after the long-shot candidate unseated incumbent mayor Denis Coderre two years ago.

While she won't publicly support any party, Plante said number one on her election list is more money for transit and bike paths. 

"The pink line or any other projects as well, even with the bike paths. This is why we're asking the government or the different parties to open up their vision of what financing mobility is, because it does include cycling paths. This is expensive for cities," she said. 

The opposition at city hall isn't impressed, saying Plante is asking for items she promised when she ran for mayor.

"She wants the federal government to pay for the pink line, she wants them to pay for the 12,000 units of social housing," said Lionel Perez, leader of the opposition Ensemble Montreal. "These are promises that she made and now she's passing the buck and asking for the federal government to pay for it. It demonstrates that they promised the world and they don't have a real business plan when it comes to implementing their promises."